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Dive into a 10 weeks initiation to Open the Doors of  your Shamanic Power


Shamanism is the oldest Training of the Daxuan School and the most free of all.


Shamanism is the yin aspect of our Esoteric Training and it opens doors to our Insight and to our Unconscious Mind.



Within these 10 weeks you will be:


- Testing  real Shamanic Trance


--Discovering your Power Animals


- Understanding the Sacred Directions


- Learning how to acknowledge and distinguish your Deep Motivation and Fake Personna


- Traveling into Death and Healing



All the deepest and Oldest Knowledge of the Daxuan Shamanic Tradition will be delivered to you during this initiation.


I will lead you into an Incredible Journey, exploring the Inside world and the  Invisible World.


The Shaman is not a hermit. He lives within his society and his people. Therefore, this initiation allows you to continue living your regular life with your work and family. The inititation is possible everywhere. You will be surprised at your connexion with the Natural world even in a big city!


The teachings are delivered weekly, everytime offering a different aspect of Shamanic Power to explore.


Trust what you see,Trust what you feel and let yourself enjoy the journey!



"What does "Initiation" mean these days? Is it just a test you need to get through to prove yourself to your teacher and to yourself? A painful but short ordeal to endure so that you get access to more knowledge? Just a way of reinforcing the bonds between a group while also paying your respects to the lineage and everyone that has gone before?


Or maybe Initiation is something that changes you, profoundly and absolutely. How much or how little is difficult to say - we're not buying a sack of potatoes in the supermarket here, this is work of soul and spirit, and we're all starting from a different place. And it isn't easy. Quite the opposite. This will challenge you. Weaknesses, fears and faults will show up the way water comes out through a leaky pipe. But if you want to change your vision of, and your approach to, everything and everyone in your life, and in doing so change your world, then is not really much of an option. Yes, it's hard. It's very hard. But going through this life on your hands and knees and with your eyes closed is, in my opinion, harder.


Also, you meet spirits. That's not even at the end. That's Week 2."




I have just finished the 10-week shamanistic initiation of our school.

Before this, I have never been especially interested in shamanism but surely the tales and accounts of shamans of various tribes and cultures have fascinated me. In fact I never thought that one could choose to walk the shamans path but had to be chosen by a teacher, shaman or the spirits etc.


But after talking to Serge, hearing about this opportunity, I started this practice to learn more about the subject and to learn about the other side; the invisible world. And what a journey it has been… not only have I been introduced to the subject in such a simple and coherent way, I have really learned a lot about my self, how I and we function as humans, the way I see the world and that beyond the visible, but also gained a much better understanding of the theory of stages of evolution, states of consciousness, our shadows and much more.


I highly recommend this initiation to anybody interested in understanding themselves and the world better. At times it’s not easy to do the work in a busy schedule but very much worth the effort.




The ten weeks of the initiation makes you look at yourself, makes you look at the world from a different perspective,

pushing you to adapt and to remove your own filters.

Seeing what it gave me and what I can now look forwards too in my personal practice is remarkable.

I am really enthusiastic about the future and what it brings.





Pour ma part, il y a un avant et un apres Initiation chamanique, 

C'est une experience directe de l'union entre le monde invisible, notre monde et nous en tant qu'etre humain. Il y a des passages eprouvants mais aussi de pure moment de Joie. J'ai entraperçu la Grace sur une experience d'une simplicité deconcertante et pour rien au monde je n'aurais voulu louper ce moment...

Ca n'a pas changé ma vie quotidienne, mais ca a changé ma vision à jamais: j'ai entraperçu le fil rouge qui lie le monde invisible à notre experience de vie.





The Shaman Initiation Experience: For me the initiation teaches you to open yourself to the more subtle parts of Nature.It teaches you to REALLY listen more profoundly to the Signs of World. The Initiation teaches us to become more in touch with everything and this is just the beginning of the old daoist ways in our school. For of all you that wonder.....this is one of the great treasures of our school that teaches you to become Free and See More




This is really a strong lifelong and life changing practise. I really have started to witness my life. In these 10 weeks I have been given the possibilities to see myself close up in the mirror and my relationship with other people. It is a profound and hard personal training if you let go and let the process start working within you. And when you do – there is no going back.


Looking back at my life and seeing my motivation for everything I have done was a hard personal exercise and living another person’s life was as profound and still have aftermath. But “Even the worst of situation, even the worst decision, was always the best I could do at that time. Because I was the result of my past until the moment of this choice” is helping me to move forward towards my perfection.


I have just started, and I am looking forward to the road ahead. It will not be easy, but if I do not start changing and try being the best I can, how can I claim that from my fellow man?




Une expérience inoubliable qui a transformé ma vie et ma pratique.


Mon regard sur les choses, les gens, le monde... les mondes a changé. 


Ma perception s’est modifiée ouvrant le champ d’une réceptivité plus perméable aux signes voire aux messages

La notion d’alignement entre ciel et terre a pris un vrai sens. Je me sens, parfois, reliée aux deux dans une union qui dépasse le stade des mots pour entrer dans le registre de la perception interne au plus profond de moi. L’entre deux reste encore une zone à explorer ainsi que le passage d’un état à l’autre, mais sans urgence, la notion de temps ayant pris une autre dimension. 

Au sortir de cette initiation j’ai l’impression de n’être qu’au premier jour du reste de ma vie.

Désormais il me reste à affiner, exercer et entrainer ce qui a été entrevu, découvert.


Merci à la lignée de m’avoir acceptée, merci à Serge de ce partage et de son accompagnement si présent, merci à la vie de m’avoir incarnée sur le chemin de cette Voie.


A tous ceux qui sentent au fond d’eux l’envie d’y aller, foncez car c’est une évidence, une joie profonde et un honneur qui nous est offert.




The Shamanic initiation was a truly profound experience for me. 

It's very difficult to explain how much has deeply changed and at the same time nothing has to the observer from the outside.

Through at first seemingly simple methods you deepen your connection and really experience the shamanic path.

Having 10 weeks for the initiation was great and really needed to fully immerse in it.

It was an amazing journey and I encourage everyone to do it as it has truly changed me and the qualities developed will continue to.




Cette initiation a été une ouverture

Cette initiation a été un passage

Cette initiation a été un recommencement

C'est une chance dans le monde dans lequel on vit de se voir offrir cette possibilité.

C'est une ouverture aux hautes fréquences, un enracinement en soi et un accès au monde invisible.

Et c'est avant tout une expérience A VIVRE INTENSEMENT !

Merci Serge, merci la lignée et merci les frères et soeurs de l'école !




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