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 A 8 weeks Initiation into Shamanic Exploration of the Mind

And Knowing your True Nature

"Yi Fa Tai Yuan Shen"


In the Daxuan tradition, we call Shen Gong the training of the mind. It can be described as Qi Gong of the mind.


Actual Meditation is a step further as it opens your mind and body to the Spiritual Reality.

This is the Shamanic Exploration of the Mind


Unlike some traditions that consider the body to be superfluous, Daoism honors the physical aspect and considers the body a necessity and a vehicle by which you can redeem the spirit.


Daoist Meditation focuses on the energy of the physical body in order to cultivate and develope the process of liberation.


« Yi Fa Tai Yuan Shen » : it’s the third Practice of the Dissolution, on the Mind Map.

It’s a deep exploration of the Mind mechanism, looking for Unification by losing the ego’s limits : a direct experience of the Non Duality Practices and paradoxes of the Mind.

Shamanic Method, this is one of the only ways to teach our Unconscious Process.

This is a precise initiation process that just ask you to « do »…not to understand.

« Yi Fa Yuan Shen » is the Hidden secret of the Daoist Magick,

the capacity to access the « other Side » with no Mental mind Blocks.


In these 8 weeks you will:


- Understand the Habits of your Unconscious Process with Daoist Meditation


- Learn the Processes of Dissolution of Body Tension with the Mindful Breath


- Accept & Let Go of Mundane Pressure with the "Shaman Call"


- Allow new awareness to Eliminate Stress and Access a new reality


- Discover your truth about your True Nature


- Heal your body & Mind to Expand your Spirit

- Make your Mind your Best Ally for the rest of your Life

- Experience the Non Duality and Learn to Stay Young


In 8 weeks you can discover the methods that will immediately become  part of your life

At the end of the ! weeks, you will never have the same relationship with your Mind

This is a very deep Initiation, with new Teachings every Day, for 8 weeks !


This method is more than 2000 years old !

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