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This Exploration of Internal Alchemy comes from Ge Hong (283-343), whose civilian name was Zhi Quan, but known as Bao Pu Zi, is a Chinese scholar and practitioner of the Internal Alchemy.

He is best known for his quest of Taoist immortality and his research on the techniques expected to lead there, outlined in Baopuzi.

This book had a great influence on the development of Chinese alchemy, practice and Taoist thought, and remains today a reference book for their study, despite the seemingly hard to understand appearance of part of its content: it is part of the Classic of our Da Xuan School.

Ge Hong is known in Chinese tradition as an alchemist, a doctor, a teacher and a Taoist Immortal.
He is sometimes called the Little Old Immortal in reference to his great-uncle Ge Xuan, another great practitioner.

We will start the Immortal Process of Internal Alchemy for 8 Weeks:


- General Concepts et Preparations

- Building the Center, the Dan Tien

- Learning the 3 Cycles of Circulations

- Experimenting the Embryonic Breathing

- Step by Step Test of Transformation

- and much more...

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