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Initiation into Daoist Magic


Magic can be a powerful thing, but you need to experiment it to Trust it.


We need to test the Invisible World to Believe.


In this 10 week initiation, you will learn how to connect to the Daxuan Daoist Magic and to see for yourself.


So many aspects of the Magical World will be discovered  during this Initiation:


  • Explore the different aspects of the Daxuan Daoist Magic

  • Connect with your Internal Power to Manifest your Will

  • Train with exercises proven over the Centuries

  • Align, Protect, Clean with Rituals

  • Learn the Basics of Fu (Daoist Talisman)

  • Study the way to work with Plants and Stones

This experience of the other Reality will change the Way you see the World !


Learn to put Magic back in your Life.

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