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An 8 week Journey into Runic Esoterism.


After 25 years of Study, and because of demand, I will teach the Deep Aspect of the Ancient Runes.

Given to me in 3 Traditions, exchanging with our Daoism, this is the Closest to the Daoist Power magic.

Divination, Magick, Traditional Poems and even Practical Binding: this is a Complete Rune Initiation.



Within these 8 weeks of initiation you will be:


- Understanding the Usage of Ancient Runes


- Bridging between Concepts and Practice


- Openning yourself to each Rune as you meet a Person


- Learning Rituals and Divination Principles


- Transforming your everyday Life with the Runes for a Better Tomorrow


This Initiation is very profund yet it requires very little time.


All You will need is a Set of Ancient Runes, easy to find.


This related Practice will make you understand the Changes of the World, the Yi Jing Principle.

It's an Amazing Adventure that will change your Life, in 8 weeks !

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