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Find your Purpose in Life, Reveal your Hidden Jing



This is the Bing Shen Initiation, the understanding of the Secret Message of your Celestial Mandate.

This initiation will reveal your Hidden Jing, the length of its cycles and your dormant potential: it is a step closer to achieving your Celestial Mandate.

The concept of Jing in the pictogram below is depicted on the left by a sheaf of grain or rice seed on a rod. On the right side of the pictogram, by the plant and its roots invisible from the outside (alchemy) :












It evokes the importance of subtle and invisible transformations taking place in the roots of the plant which allow it to grow and develop in accordance with its intrinsic nature.

The jing is the essence produced from refining, distillation or processing. Vital essence, the basis of life contained in the seed or seed of a being, which allows it to develop according to the criteria of its species.

It is the fundamental substance that keeps the body functioning, the Essence of Life. 


It is used in reference to the purest of all the Qi of the universe, of all the entities utilised within the human body, an essence stored in the kidneys,  becoming the main factor in determining the functioning of the organs and immune status of the organism.


As said in  the Su Wen, Chapter 4:

 "The Subtle is the root of the human body"

Thus, The most important is to see the secret: the hidden potential, concealed, the mysterious... Just as the name of our Tradition: DAXUAN! "The Great Secret".`


As understanding and training the Jing is inherent to our tradition, I offer 10 weeks of practice and questions to discover the Nature of your Hidden root, your potential.


This Taoist Initiation will be done long distance as I did with my professor in the 90s’.

It requires little change in the amount of work and time invested ... however, it is intense and focused.

You will receive a weekly video, exercises and tips to follow throughout each week.

You can contact me directly and constantly ask questions.


This initiation allows you to:


- Get closer to your Heavenly Mandate, 

- Confront the imperfections of your life

- Turn everything around to approach your True Nature and the Great Secret

- Know your Jing cycles

- Discover your potential,

- Take action in your life to go with the changes and be true to your Nature.


It is one of eight Initiations to balance the practitioner's diagram (The Human Map).


There will be only 10 places, as it is a lot of follow-up work for me.

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