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An 8 week Journey into the roots of your Ancestors.


We are the product of our past but how much do we know, understand and accept from our ancestors?


Let's make peace with our Family history and Dark Secrets.


You can clear your Celestial Mandate by discovering, understanding  and solving your relationship to the Past. 



Within these 8 weeks of initiation you will be:


- Understanding the Cycle of Lives


- Bridging between Lives and Memories


- Openning yourself to Regression and Ancestors' Signals


- Learning Rituals to Clear Ancestral Blocages


- Transforming your Celestial Mandate


This Initiation is very profund yet it requires very little time.


However, You will need to have trained the basics of Shen Gong and Shen Dan before.


The Past can make the Futur Clearer, and it is starting Now !

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